My Sex-Driven Origin Story

My Sex-Driven Origin Story Friday, September 10, 2021

Let’s talk about sex.

Casual sex, passionate sex, breakup sex, make-up sex, sexting, porn, you get where this is going. Sex is everywhere! (or if you’re like me, it’s a daily grind, too!)

The question that is probably asked the most to those in the Adult Entertainment Industry, is “Why choose Sex Work?” Now, the answer to that question will 100% vary depending on who you ask. But we are about to dive in to my Sex-Driven Origin story so, get ready, it’s a wild one though hopefully those of you who can relate can learn from my fucked up life stories.

It all started back in 2008, when I was 11. Yes, you read that right, age 11. How did it start at that age, you may ask? Well, growing up there was a lot of trauma experienced growing up, not anything physical by ANY means, but it was incredibly dysfunctional. I mean, when your mom has Borderline Personality Disorder, Severe Alcoholism, and multiple prescription pill addictions; and your dad also is a Severe Alcoholic, has Bipolar One Disorder with Psychotic Features, a Workaholic with anger problems to boot, life is a bit… complex?

I should preface this story starting in 2007.

In 2007, my gallbladder was removed. Despite my young age, after a week in the Children’s Hospital, the doctors sent me on my way home with a prescription for hydrocodone. This was prior to the crack-down/opioid epidemic we all are familiar with, so the prescription was 90-count with 6+ refills. Growing up in my family, specifically with my mother, she was constantly taking one pill or another. As a result, I tried to “be like my mother” and try taking extra hydrocodone. If you don’t know (or if you live under a rock), hydrocodone is a highly addictive opioid. Hydrocodone, that was given to me by my doctor, was what gave birth to an opioid addiction within less than a months time that I later discovered would be a chronic disease for me.

After my first round of struggles with an opioid addiction, I became very defiant and rebellious towards authority figures (parents, grandparents, teachers, or the police). Thus, on top of being in puberty, and simply fucking put- I was a horny ass teenager with a smartphone and internet access. You can probably guess where I’m going here, right?

Looking back, it makes me giggle a bit writing about this. Why? Well, back in 2008, it was also the year of my first kiss- with my best friend at the time, and I fucking loved it.

From ages 11-15, all I could think about was sex. Until September of 2012, when I finally got to lose my virginity.

For some of you reading this, losing your virginity is something of importance, something you make “special”. For the rest of you that maybe are like me, being a virgin was a constant, nagging annoyance that by losing it, we are “getting it over with” and that is exactly how it went.

After losing my virginity, my addiction to all things sex/sexting skyrocketed. I was always on the internet on different websites sexting guys (do NOT do this, not unless you are extremely safe about this!), taking nudes, and hooking up with multiple guys. Back then, I didn’t really know what bisexuality was nor that it would later, as I now know, who I am- I am attracted to both males, and females.

Since this is only my beginning, my plan is to expand on many of these different experiences individually. To start anyways 😉

If my experience as a Sex Worker has taught me anything, it is that of my sexuality and to own that shit to my core. But, if it wasn’t for my opioid addiction, and growing up in the environment I did, I would not be able to say I have over a decade of experience in all things sex-related. I am incredibly proud to say, my name is Haylee Hopeful and I am a Full-Time Sex Worker, and I want to hear from you!

Leave a comment with what age you lost your virginity, and if you’ve got a wild origin story like me, email it to me and I will read it and decide if its wild enough! I would love to hear from other Sex Workers too! Email your pitch to me at-

Happy Fucking! 😉