Sex Work- It’s My Outlet

Tuesday, September 14th

Some people have their hobbies, like reading, writing, watching TV, you know- the usual.

But for this girl? Her outlet is none other than, Sex Work.

I’ve never been what you’d call, well, normal. My entire life I have been a defiant, rebellious, alt-girl to my core. So, I’ve always been drawn to the paths of life that society frowns upon, on top of always being a hypersexual being, when I started on OnlyFans, I immediately was hooked harder than a meth addict.

Being able to do photoshoots, and have multiple people willing to pay for my sets and content, did amazing wonders for my self-confidence.

As I briefly covered in my last blog post, my childhood was far less than great- which as a result, as an adult, I now suffer from severe Body Dysmorphia (amongst a long list of other problems).

There will be another time and place (post), dedicated to my Body Dysmorphia and how it affected my Sex Work, so I just wanted to throw some facts in this post. Why? To educate, and give a bit of insight as to how, for some of us, being a Sex Worker can be an amazing outlet!


I mean, come on. How could having over 1,000+ fans who subscribe to you, every single month not become a feel-good outlet?

It does wonders for self-esteem, but can also cause you to be blinded by the cash and numbers (percentages).

If you’ve ever been on OnlyFans, you know exactly what numbers I’m referring to.

“You are Top ‘X’% of all Creators!”

This. This sentence was my driving force for months.

At first, it was awesome! I finally had something to motivate me to be a self-made success after becoming disabled and unable to work a standard job- which was incredibly satisfying to say the least.

My first ten days on OnlyFans, I had already hit top 14% of all creators on the platform, and I hadn’t even revealed my face yet!

(Yeah, I am fucking proud of this!).

It should speak volumes about how much this boosted my self-confidence, only fueling my drive to “do better”.

Being someone who tends to be a perfectionist, the truth is, is that nothing you do is ever “good enough”- therefore, it becomes impossible to recognize your own successes or to enjoy the journey along the way.

Something that was made very clear now, that never used to sink in: the journey is half of your success, no matter how hard it may get.

If I would have realized that, at the start of my Sex Work journey, it would have saved me from severe burnout every month, for two weeks out of every month- which we will delve into later.

Despite the taxing nature of the Adult Industry, I will never trade my experiences as a Sex Worker, for anything! I have never felt, nor had, so much self-confidence before becoming a Sex Worker.

My beliefs though, are that those of you who are wanting to be a Sex Worker, but say, don’t know what to expect- that is where I come in to answer every dirty question you come up with, and I never skip a detail!

Feel free to reach out if you are in need of advice, guidance, or just want to comment on the blog- shoot me a message!