Supernatural Sex Worker-The Introduction: Part 1

“She’s a 21-year-old stoned Sex Worker, who is also a Satanist- and she has found out she’s a Witch, too.

Meet the infamous Narcissa Nyx. who went from being an alternative nude model, all the way to a self-made stripper- and she’s got an addiction to sex. Narcissa is one hell of a sex-positive bitch! But now, Narcissa, a nymphomaniac with a ring and on the brink of her wedding, has now realized that she’s fucked.

Narcissa, as a Sex Worker, is very well-versed when it comes to sex. As a result, one month before her wedding has discovered that she likes girls- while engaged to a man.

Upon the discovery of her sexual fantasies, which we will explore soon, she felt a change. That change was the start of Narcissa’s new journey- as a Lesbian Witch.

Find out how Narcissa survives her brand-new life, as a Lesbian, Satanic Stoned, Witch. A little bit of a sex addict and a lotta bit- a Sex Worker. Find out if she stays to get married, or embarks on the new path that she has always wanted.”

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