Why Weed, Whores, Witchcraft? A Witchy Introduction

The Why Behind My Writing Series #1- Weed, Whores, Witchcraft

Today let’s talk about some god ol’ Weed, Whores, Witchcraft- The Why Behind My Writing.

Recently, I came to a new conclusion. Why not start writing a supernatural and sex-filled fantasy novel!

After over a day of research on how to write a fantasy novel, and after finding a great list for outlining, it was time.

This is it, time to create the most epic story yet!

What would a new niche of writing be, if not without its own matching blog page? Shitty, it would be shitty as fuck.

On this supernatural sex blog, I will be writing, and publishing a lot of drafts! from my worldbuilding drafts to my complete scene and chapter drafts- this is the place for them all.

This Supernaturally-originated, BDSM -Sex-Based, Fantasy Novel, is inspired by:

-Using a mix of my own life story

-The Harry Potter Universe

-American Horror Story

-Sex Work I’ve Done/am knowledgeable on

-and real-life Witchcraft.

 Think, Sex-Work, BDSM, Sorcery, meets drugs and real-life in The Red Light District- where both Sex Work and drug use are 100% DECRIMINALIZED.

Stay tuned for daily update blogs, as well as while I fill up this page with nothing less than everything Weed, Whores, & Witchcraft.