OnlyFacts: Sex-Worker-Secrecy Series Ep. #1

Ah, OnlyFans.

It is super important to absorb what I am about to tell you…

Nicely put?


They are absolutely unstable and anti-Sex Workers, and not a fucking soul will ever tell me otherwise, just in case there was anyone coming to read this post thinking that I was going to say some more, positive things?

Just like all of my topics on this blog, it is time, to share my Sex-Worker-Secrecy with all of you wonderful humans.

Also, my fuck-you to OnlyFans, does not mean I do not support any of you ON OnlyFans, at any point in time! In fact, I actually very much support everyone on the platform-though specifically the Sex-Work Community.

Between my time modeling on OnlyFans, and managing other models on the platform- I have a fucking lot of experiences under my belt.

To be real, I do, without a doubt, prefer the business side of the Adult Entertainment Industry- which I will dive super far into in a separate blog post as it is a whole fucking series all on it’s own.

What I will tell you all about though, is why I prefer being on the business side of Adult Entertainment-more specifically, Social Media Management.

On top of having a passion for Social Media Management, I still have a love for Adult Modeling- which, as with any type of work in this industry, can come with one hell of a shady side. Which, ultimately I fell guilty of buying into- SO, what is my goal, honestly?

My goal is in hopes of putting all of my shady, or shit experiences and secrets out here for those of you who might be in the same scenario(s) as I have been- hopefully not, though!

One of the biggest issues I have with the Adult Entertainment Industry, would be the fucking inconsistent shady bullshit agencies out here that constantly try to recruit new models, but don’t give the models all of the real information or requirements that come with being signed by these agencies- for example: the model goes into being signed, thinking that she is being signed to be “promoted” and all that is required of her is “the curation of content for the platform”, while in reality, she could be signing a contract that is open for individual interpretation resulting in a very different experience than what she was originally informed upon signing the agreement. Or, it could end up ALOT WORSE.

So a TDLR so far?

If an “agency” reaches out, or you reach out to an “agency” for management, PLEASE- GET A COPY OF YOUR CONTRACT, AND READ THE EVER-LIVING SHIT OUT OF IT, BEFORE YOU SIGN THE FUCKING CONTRACT!

Also, research, research, and research some more- when it comes to what the agency you’re considering being signed with.

Most importantly though, research and read every letter of that contract- but I DO ADVISE, that you get a second opinion or evaluation of the contract to best ensure you are fully-aware of everything you may be required to do, what your commission rate is going to be, and also- make sure you know the maximum amount of information as far as if there is a fee for early contract termination, as well as any other information/criteria neccessary if you were to choose that the agency is the wrong fit for you!

Trust me, take the damn precautions! You’ll thank me later, fuck the money if in order to make said money, you are required to do things you may or may not feel comfortable doing- so this is just friendly advice. Do with this information what you will!

Initially, I was making fucking bank on OnlyFans- and I mean top 14% of all creators on OnlyFans in my first ten days alone.

But, here’s the catch when it comes specifically to OnlyFans- you make bank to start off… and then you hit a major learning curve or plateau financially and your earnings will start to noticeably decline.

And that my friends, is some straight up truth about being an OnlyFans Model (rather, the surface but, you know.)

My plan is to make this a multi-part series, as with most of my topics due to the amount of information I will be covering with you all, but if you would like to read about any specific topics, don’t hesitate to connect with me! 🙂

The most positive of vibes from me, to you!

-Haylee Hopeful