Psychosis Poetry #13

Racing thoughts.
Run through my head,
Alll while I am sill in bed;
I have not even become awake,
There is not much more I can take;
The thoughts that swirl inside my brain,
The thoughts consist of so much pain;
Some Mental peace is all I want,
Happiness I do not flaunt;
I would give my life to be at peace,
Now Its time to renew my fucking lease;
The lease with life that we all have signed,
My feelings and thoughts finally aligned;
I just want love I screamed inside,
Was it time I ran to hide?
No I will face my racing mind,
I will leave suicidal thoughts behind;
I wish to live my life with joy,
I guess ill marry my love;
This boy.


INFJ, Freelance Creative Writer, Adult Blogger, Medium Writer, Author in Progress for her first novel- Ganja Goons: an Occult-Gothic-Fantasy Fiction Novel to be completed as a part of this year’s NaNoWriMo. Her handle on Medium is @smutwritinghigh and on Twitter @psychosispoetry.