Weed, Whores, & Witchcraft: Blog of Sexual Sorcery

Welcome you sexy supernatural sexual being to… Weed, Whores, and Witchcraft: The Blog of Sexual Sorcery!

The Sex-Filled, Supernaturally written stories of a Sex-Addicted, Full-Service Sex Worker- who, as she discovers her true sexual nature, now has to survive life as one of the most-powerful Witches alive. Meet Narcissa Nyx: the stoner, the sexual goddess, and the witch who must decide if she wants to master her abilities as a Sex Worker, or master her ablilities as a lesbian witch attending “The University of Sex, Sorcery & Spellcraft”.

Stay tuned for daily blog posts from my new Adult Fantasy Fiction Novel, and let me know what you think!

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Personal blogs from an Indie Author just as lost as Alice down my own rabbit hole, blogging about life along the way to my dissociative wonderland.